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Mangrove Forest Evening Boating in Pondicherry

Embrace the tranquility of Pondicherry with our Mangrove Forest Evening Boating through the enchanting mangrove forests. Immerse yourself in nature’s captivating beauty during a peaceful one-hour boating adventure.

Explore the Peaceful Mangrove Forests with Evening Boating in Pondicherry


Welcome to Pondicherry Marina Boat House, your gateway to peace amidst the natural beauty of Pondicherry. Go on a wonderful Mangrove Forest Evening Boating adventure from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM, allowing you to experience the tranquil beauty of the mangrove ecosystem. In this guide, we’ll explore the details of this unique boating experience, covering timings, ticket prices, inclusions, and more.

Boating Timings and Duration:

Experience the peace of Pondicherry’s waterways with our Mangrove Forest Evening Boating. The journey lasts for a serene 60 minutes (1 hour), starting at 4:00 PM and ending at 05:00 PM. This Evening escapade promises a rejuvenating experience, allowing you to witness the beauty of the mangrove forests in the warm morning light.

Entrance Fee and Ticket Prices:

To be a part of this extraordinary experience, a small entrance fee is applicable. For adults, the ticket price is Rs.500, while children can join the adventure for Rs.250. Take advantage of our affordable rates to create lasting memories surrounded by Pondicherry’s natural beauty.

Maximum Persons per Boat:

For a more personal experience, we limit each of our boats to a maximum of 10 passengers. This ensures a comfortable journey, allowing you to connect with nature and fellow passengers as you navigate the picturesque waterways.

Boating Destinations:

Pondicherry Marina Boat House offers beautiful boating destinations to explore during the morning hours:

  1. River Mouth
  2. Arikamedu
  3. Fishing Harbour
  4. Mangrove Forest

Each destination promises a unique and memorable experience, from the serene river mouth to the lively fishing harbor and the peaceful Mangrove Forest.


As part of your boating adventure, we provide essential things to enhance your safety and enjoyment. Each passenger will be given a life jacket, and our experienced lifeguards will be there to ensure a secure and worry-free experience.


Find us at the Pondicherry Marina Boat House, the starting point for your journey into the heart of Pondicherry’s waterways. Conveniently located, our boat house serves as the perfect place to start exploring the natural wonders that await you.

Parking Space:

Worried about parking? Don’t be! We provide ample parking space for both cars and bikes, ensuring a hassle-free start to your morning boating adventure.

Rest Rooms:

Comfort is our priority. Restrooms for both men and women are available at our facility, ensuring that your visit is convenient and enjoyable from start to finish.


Discover the hidden gems of Pondicherry through Mangrove Forest Afternoon Boating offered by Pondicherry Marina Boat House. Experience the beauty of nature, witness the morning light casting a golden glow over the mangrove forests, and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Book your morning adventure today, and let the enchantment of Pondicherry captivate your senses.

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